WTZ Roßlau is a private, innovative research enterprise, specialized in the solving of scientific and technical tasks in the field of energy conversion.
We develop and test products and methods in the fields of

  •  Engine technology
  • Energy technology
  • Machine and equipment technology.

Our experienced and motivated staff and mature equipment guarantee optimum conditions for target-oriented and successful work.

Main customers, partners

  • Engine, automotive and railway vehicle industries
  • Suppliers
  • Public authority institutions
  • Universities and research institutions
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WTZ Roßlau gGmbH

House address: Mühlenreihe 2a in 06862 Dessau-Roßlau; Postal address: Postfach: 400240 in 06855 Dessau-Roßlau; Germany

Phone: +49 34901 883-0; Fax: +49 34901 883 120