INKOV – Development of innovative piston and valve solutions with material compounds in ship engines


Test procedures and regulations for the quality assurance of the manufacturing process for ship engine components made from hybrid materials were developed and evaluated within the framework of the subproject of the INKOV network research project.

A new piston material based on a modified tempered steel was investigated with regard to its characteristics as a basic material and a friction welding material for a large piston. The top and bottom parts of the piston are connected by means of friction welding.

Examinations of material samples, friction-welded samples and samples from a piston skirt were carried out. Dynamic examinations with regard to ignition force stress, inertia force stress and secondary piston movement stress were carried out on friction-welded large pistons. Experimental examinations with strain and temperature measurements took place on a single-cylinder research engine at the WTZ.

The suitability of the new piston material and the possibility of friction welding for large pistons was researched and verified during the research project.