The company defines itself and its success via satisfied customers, partners, public institutions and shareholders as well as motivated employees and service providers. The following basic values determine the actions of all employees of WTZ Roßlau:

The basis of our work and our success are our employees: Their knowledge, their experience and their commitment constitute the ideational and intellectual resources of WTZ Roßlau. Accordingly, values such as trust, responsibility and commitment are among the cornerstones of our company philosophy.

WTZ Roßlau continuously endeavours to further extend its specialist competence and therefore keep the company on a steady course.
WTZ Roßlau follows its own statutes. The company operates in a dynamic, changing environment. When doing this, the company acts in accordance with entrepreneurial principles and sustainability in order to fulfil its mission.


Mutual trust establishes a strong foundation for teamwork. The approach taken by WTZ employees when working with their colleagues, service providers and clients is defined by appreciation and openness.


Every member of staff personally contributes towards our success and uses their opportunities and scope for development and creativity in a responsible manner.


Individual motivation plays an essential role when it comes to achieving top-quality results. Other requirements include professionalism, using one’s own initiative, team spirit and careful use of the tools and aids available.

As role models for WTZ Roßlau employees, our managers are particularly committed to personifying these basic values.