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To generate electricity on demand, from hydrogen and oxygen, the WTZ Roßlau offers two different concepts. On the one hand, there is the unique, in-house developed zero-emission closed-loop motor (APC), and on the other, a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) for efficient reverse power generation.

Zero-emission closed-loop motor (APC)

The APC (Argon-Power-Cycle) is a real innovation in the field of emission-free engine concepts and a major step by WTZ Roßlau towardsCO2-free reconversion within an energy cell. WTZ sees itself as a technology leader in the segment of stationary…


…exhaust emission-free combustion engines and can already present an executable demonstrator with APC technology.

In December 2019, the concept was recognized with 1st place at the Hugo Junkers Prize for “Most Innovative Projects in Applied Research”.

In the current research projects, the APC engine is being consistently further developed and improved. Further investigations will focus on reducing the hydrogen injection pressure to improve the overall energy balance, but also on reusing the condensate for electrolysis.

Our aim is to push this technology further and establish it on the market as an environmentally friendly, highly efficient and cost-effective alternative to the fuel cell in the form of a combined heat and power plant.

Solid Oxide Fuel Cell - Fuel Cells (SOFC)

WTZ Roßlau is a classic developer of large-volume gas engines with a very long tradition. Nevertheless, in the WTZ Energy Systems department, the development of fuel cells…


…analyzed and evaluated.

Future research projects will focus in particular on the solid electrolyte fuel cell (SOFC). The goal is to achieve the simplest possible stack design for low-cost production, while maintaining the highest possible efficiency and a durability of over 50,000 operating hours.

In terms of an emission-free system, operation with green hydrogen is naturally preferable. However, the use of other energy sources would also be possible with this variant of reverse power generation. Another advantage of the SOFC compared to other fuel cells is its high tolerance to impurities in the hydrogen used. In addition, compared to the APC, air can also be supplied instead of pure oxygen, which has a positive effect on the cost of the overall system.

Simulation of an energy cell

In addition to the development of the hardware of an energy cell, WTZ Roßlau also brings the necessary know-how to evaluate the complex interrelationships of all individual components and influences on the basis of MATLAB®/Simulink® and to…


…to be able to dimension. In consultation with the customer, various scenarios can be simulated using freely definable boundary conditions in order to provide the best possible solution for the customer.

Thus, the WTZ offers its customers a comprehensive portfolio of services, ranging from the initial concept development, to a detailed simulation, to the realization of complete energy solutions, for example in the form of an energy cell.