General information on fuel infrastructure

The WTZ Roßlau offers an extensive fuel infrastructure for the realization of projects. In addition to conventional fuels such as diesel, heavy fuel oil or natural gas, an infrastructure for alternative fuels is available at the WTZ.

Hydrogen, ammonia and methanol are available at all test benches as promising fuels for the future.

The systems can be further scaled according to customer requirements. In addition, the development and testing of an LOHC infrastructure including dehydration is currently in the concept phase.

The integration of other CO2-neutral energy sources such as OME into the fuel infrastructure of the WTZ is also in preparation.


Storage: gaseous

Storage capacity: 370 kg

Pressure range: 10 to 30 bar

  • Periphery for continuous runs expandable up to 80 kg/day
  • Expansion of the pressure range to 70 bar in planning


Storage: liquid

Storage capacity: 6,000 kg

Pressure range: 10 to 550 bar

  • Peripherals can be parameterized to customer requirements
  • Quantity can be extended for endurance runs