WTZ Roßlau works in close cooperation with universities and non-academic research institutions to incorporate scientific achievements and research results into the development projects of its industry clients. It works together with these clients to implement research and development projects, studies focusing on large engines, technologies and methods.
When working with WTZ Roßlau, project partners can choose whether they want the enterprise to take on full corporate responsibility for their project or provide them with services that will help them to implement the project themselves. The revenue generated from such successful corporate business activities then flows back into the enterprise to support and promote its scientific activities.

Research and development projects are, for example, different fuel processes such as mixed natural gas-hydrogen operation, biogas, methanol or adding water to the combustion process in “fuel-water emulsion” dual fuel operation.

Research and development projects deal with the optimisation of combustion behaviour for various fuels such as natural gas, biogas, propane, butane, methanol and hydrogen or the influence of different types of water supply on the emissions, efficiency and performance of the engine.