Injection system development for hydrogen, methanol and ammonia

We offer our partners injection system development for hydrogen, methanol and ammonia on our injector test benches.

Effective climate protection is one of the greatest global challenges and the sustainable reduction of environmentally harmful greenhouse gases, above all CO2, is one of the main goals. The combustion engine will continue to be in demand as the main drive system in the off-road, on-road, marine and power sectors. The availability of reliable and high-quality injection components is an essential prerequisite for the development of sophisticated combustion process concepts. These must deliver highly accurate injection quantities over a wide pressure range while at the same time withstanding the challenges of the fuels.

The WTZ Roßlau develops, builds and operates test benches for injection system development, in particular for the renewable fuels hydrogen, methanol and ammonia. We are constantly striving to expand our existing infrastructure and adapt it to your requirements. Feel free to contact us!

Hydrogen injector test bench


Physical state: gaseous

Maximum mass flow: 35 kg/h @ 70 bar

Maximum H2 pressure: 70 bar

Back pressure: up to 20 bar

Characterization and endurance run

New development of the test bench at WTZ Roßlau

Variation of different parameters possible

Ammonia injector test bench


Maximum mass flow: 1750 kg/h @ 600 bar

Characterization and endurance run

Injection progress indicator