WTZ Roßlau offers future-oriented solution concepts of complete energy systems using renewable energies and green hydrogen. In addition to the utilization of surplus electrical, as well as thermal energy, emission-free operation is guaranteed. An energy cell serves as the basis of the system:

The Argon Power Cycle (APC) of the WTZ Roßlau

WTZ Roßlau plays a pioneering role in the use of renewable energies. A sustainable, decentralized energy supply is the major goal of WTZ Roßlau gGmbH.

In this sense, the implementation ofCO2-neutral energy supply is at all times a matter of the heart at WTZ Roßlau. These ambitious goals are to be realized in the form of an innovative energy cell, with the main focus on increasing efficiency and continuous improvement.

The energy cell is a system of components of an energy infrastructure that is separated from the environment and at the same time connected via interfaces. These should take into account the conversion of energy, its transport or distribution, as well as its storage. In doing so, the use of various forms of energy, such as electricity, gas, heat, etc., is resorted to.