Materials and components laboratory

In order to determine the functional safety, design strength and service life with a view to determining and increasing the quality of the products, we carry out static and dynamic tests on original components and models for you reliably and confidentially in our materials and components laboratory in strict compliance with standardized test procedures and technical rules. The test laboratories are accredited in accordance with DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018.

In the field of materials testing, we carry out mechanical-technological tests. This includes the following services in detail:


  • Fatigue strength and endurance strength tests
  • Single and multi-stage tests, also under the influence of temperature
  • Wöhler tests according to DIN 50100
  • Horizon and string of pearls method
  • *Dynamic tests on screws
  • *Dynamic load tests on components and friction tests on moving components
  • *Friction wear tests
  • *Tensile, compressive and bending stress even at temperatures up to 480° C
  • *Tests on rails

*these examinations are not part of the accreditation